Koh Lipe

...gorgeous island you haven’t (maybe) heard of yet?

Koh Lipe is a small island in the Adang-Rawi Archipelago of the Strait of Malacca, in Satun Province of southwest Thailand, close to the Malaysian border. The Thai name is transliterated in many different ways into English. The most common names are "Koh Lipe", "Koh Lipeh", "Ko Lipey", and "Koh Lipe".
The name "Koh Lipe" means "Paper Island" in the local Chao Ley language. It is a paradise! White sand, turquoise water and a small fishing village named Chao Ley.
Koh Lipe is on the border of the Tarutao National Marine Park and is directly south of the larger islands Ko Adang and Ko Rawi, and about 50 km from the island of Ko Tarutao. It was originally settled by a group of sea gypsies (chao leh in Thai), originally from Malaysia, known as the Urak Lawoi’ people.

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Country: Thailand
Archipelago: Adang-Rawi
Population: 700
Province: Satun
Localisation: Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean)
Pop. Density: 350/km²
Area: 2km²
Timezone: UTC+7


In the heart of the Adang archipelago located in the south of Thailand, is a 2 km squared sized island surrounded by the Andaman Sea. At Koh Lipe, fishing eagles fly over turquoise water and coconut trees, and together they make the island a veritable paradise. A few meters from the water’s edge are oases of coral, homes of multitudes of tropical fish. This previously secret destination is seeing a massive touristic boom today, accompanied by some problems we can envision, and some that are more difficult to imagine.

Before tourism invested heavily in the island, this little isle was inhabited only by the Urak Lawoi’. This term means the people (urak) of the sea (lawoi’) in the population’s native language. They are a semi-nomadic people whose presence at Lipe Island dates back to the 1900s. Their presence in more Northern areas like Phuket and Koh Lanta dates back from 200-500 years. Thai people call them the Chao Ley, people of the sea, and it is an inclusive term for three different populations: the Mokens, the Urak Lawoi, and the Moklens. Tour guides generally do not concern themselves with these distinctions and usually use the term "sea gypsies".

According to local legend, it was To Kiri, a certain Muslim adventurer from Aceh in Indonesia who led the Urak Lawoi’ into the region. In the beginning of the 1900s, To Kiri started to look for an area in which to settle. After multiple stops during which some friends settled down, the loss of his wife, a second marriage at Koh Lanta and four children, the chief of Satun’s province, a man named Praya Poomnardpakdee, gave him a proposition. Bring the Urak Lawoi’ here so they can settle down. Seeing the potential of the Adang Archipelago, To Kiri accepted. The reality was that the Thai people needed to prove to the British colonial authorities of Malaysia that the archipelago was indeed inhabited by Thais before national borders were officially established in 1909, and so the archipelago became Thai. In the decades that followed, To Kiri oversaw the resettlement of the Urak Lawoi from Koh Lanta and Koh Sireh to the archipelago. He died in 1949 and his descendants continue to have important influence as chiefs and landowners in the area to this day. Traditionally, the Urak Lawoi’ were always very tied to the sea, even if these ties have changed in nature over time. If they are often referred to as “nomads of the sea,” they were in reality only sea nomads during the dry season, which continues from November to April. This period was one in which the Urak Lawoi’ would leave, sea-bound for a couple of days to a few months to search for food. They would however maintain their permanent residences on land during this time. Leaving to the sea for more than one night was called “baghad” in the Urak Lawoi language.The Urak Lawoi’ attributes numerous magical powers to To Kiri. It is said that he was capable of controlling the elements, predicting storms, or even dispelling them. A remarkable story recounts his escape from a boat where he was held prisoner by riding a shark. Even if the Urak Lawoi’ are officially Buddhists, they are also Animists, and revere their ancestor To Kiri. There is only one Buddhist temple on the island, and the head monk who has lived there for ten years told us that he receives few visitors.

Koh Lipe only has an open water pier located 100 m of shore from Pattaya beach. Most speed boats and ferrys will drop you there. You need to pay 200 baht per person for national park entry fee and 50 baht for long boat to transfere you from open water pier to the Pattaya beach.
Save the national park entry ticket. It is valid for 7 days, so you dont need to pay that fee again if going for a snorkeling trip or visiting another islands around Koh Lipe.

By Plane

Nok Air offers two-daily flight + ferry services from Bangkok to Koh Lipe v.v. by flying with Nok Air to Trang and transferred on a ferry to Koh Lipe. This can be booked directly from their website.
Air Asia offers an island transfer package that includes a flight from Bangkok to Hat Yai, a bus to Pak Bara, and a ferry to Koh Lipe.

By Boat

In high season (November to May) there are several locations from which travellers can take a ferry or speedboat to Koh Lipe, including: Pak Bara, Langkawi, Phi Phi, Ko Lanta, and Trang.
In low season (May to October) the only way to get to Koh Lipe is by speedboat from Pak Bara. There is one boat per day from Pak Bara leaving at 11:30.
From Langkawi, Malaysia there are two speedboats per day (from November until May). These boats dock at the south end of Pattaya Beach. Ferry services are also available but as there is no pier in Koh Lipe, you may be transferred by local longtail boats to the beach. The journey takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Ferries are met by long-tail boats offering transfers to anywhere on Koh Lipe for an additional 50 baht/person (non-negotiable).
Health and Safety tip: Speedboats can often bounce off the waves at very high speeds and passengers can get quite strong jolts into the non-sprung seats, so persons with back or neck problems should not travel on the speedboats, but on the ferry. There have been reports of serious back injuries happening on the speedboats.

Get Around

All of Koh Lipe can be covered on foot, although its size at first can be a little deceiving. There are few motorcycles around the island, none of which are for rent. There are no cars on the island. Long-tail boats will take you from any point on the island to any other point on the island for 50 baht. Small concrete roads link the various beaches. There are some motorcycle taxis that can take you around the island for 50-200 baht.


Koh Lipe's beaches feature clear, calm, and shallow water. There are four main beaches to relax on: Pattaya Beach in the south the most popular beach; Sunrise Beach on the east, near the Chao Ley village; Karma Beach in the north which faces the Adang/Lipe channel; and Sunset Beach in the west, which as the name implies, faces the sunset. The calm, clear water makes Koh Lipe ideal for snorkeling, with 25 percent of the world's tropical fish species found in the area.


The reefs around Koh Lipe are largely intact; the 2004 tsunami had little impact here. Around Koh Lipe are some Thailand's best reefs all within easy reach:

  • 8 Mile Rock A true deep sea pinnacle located 75 minutes away by boat. The rock can be a tough place to dive due to the strong currents, but the marine and bird life that come here to feed are fantastic. The top of the pinnacle rises to within 14 meters of the surface. Found here: soft corals, schools of pelagic fish, potato cod, manta rays, whale shark, leopard shark.
  • Between Ko Adang & Ko Rawi Has excellent diving and snorkelling locations between the two islands where the mountains come down to the sea. Underwater there are huge boulders and many types of rare fish and coral species that inhabit the reef in this region. A great spot for drift diving. Snorkellers should head for the east side of Ko Rawi where the national park staff have set up ropes along the reef, so that snorkellers can pull themselves easily along and investigate the reef with ease.
  • Yong Hua Shipwreck In 1996 a fish-factory ship anchored near the western end of Koh Lipe caught fire and sank in about 40 m of water. The shipwreck is now completely covered in marine growth and inhabited by schools of fish. The shipwreck has become a very interesting place to dive, but does often have strong currents making it a difficult dive. The top of the wreck is at about 26 m sitting on its keel that is at 40m.
  • Hin Takorn Dukong Located in the centre of the marine park. This site is home to just about every species of fish that you can imagine. The site is made up of granite stones shaped similar to building blocks rising up from the seabed into a structure with a series of tall points at its peak. Up to 18 m deep. Hard and soft corals, at least 6 types of eel such as snake eels, different types of lion fish and stone fish, Squid and cuttlefish try to hide here and succeed in attracting the larger predators such as sailfish.
  • Ko Bu Tang Has become one of the most popular islands to dive. One of the largest islands of the group, Ko Bu Tong supports many bird and animal species. Troops of crab-eating macaque monkeys live on the island and a colourful type of bee-eater bird can often be spotted from the beaches here. Giant corals and shellfish grow everywhere around this island paradise. Dive the north and south channels although for deep diving the "Giant's Staircase" on the islands west side has huge natural stone steps going down to 50 m or more. Also to found on Ko Bu Tang is Sting Ray City, where the blue spotted stingrays are plentiful. This site is also very good for snorkelling. North Side: has Monkey Bay, similar to Sting Ray City but much more steep and dramatic. Expect to see endless rows of tall coral-heads, turtles and rare critters such as the ornamental ghost pipe fish and sharks sleeping under the corals. East Side: has the perfect tiny island of Ko Lokoi. Surrounded by about 90 acres of shallow coral, you could do four dives here and not see it all.
  • Ko Sawang This tiny island is located on the outer edge of the archipelago. There is not a tree or scrap of vegetation that can grow on this tall smooth stone, but underwater this place is full of life. Fantastic coral gardens growing on the rocky outcrops below.
  • Ko Langcha Between Langcha and Adang is a very nice coral garden really worth the effort both for divers and snorkellers as near-perfect gardens shelter all sorts including rays and eels.

Currents The currents here are predominantly tidal which means that at certain times of the month strong currents exist. At other times, none at all. You can always find somewhere good to dive but the widest selection of dive sites is available twice a month, following the half moon.

Big Stuff You can see numerous sharks, whale sharks and manta rays. Sightings of the big guys are more likely on sites around the edge of the marine park, nearer the deeper waters. For the best chance, try to visit 8 Mile Rock, Stonehenge or Ko Pung.

Dive Shops

  • Adang Sea Divers (info@adangseadivers.com), (Sunrise Beach), +66 80 7041633. Professional, multilingual, and experienced instructors and dive masters. 1 to 3 dives a day from speedboat (the only dive centre on Lipe offering speedboat dives). Night diving, PADI, SDI, and Nitrox courses. Small intimate groups. Specialised in underwater photography.
  • Castaway Divers, (Sunrise Beach), +66 87 4781516 (lipe-divers@castaway-resorts.com) Multilingual, experienced instructors. Offers night diving, PADI, SDI, and freediving courses. Snorkelling trips are run separately from the dive boats daily for only 650 baht (including lunch & equipment). Specialises in small intimate groups. The only diveshop on the island to offer recreational AIDA certification Freediving courses. Discover a new way to explore the underwater world by holding your breath! Learn breathing techniques, duck diving, static and dynamic apnea, and learn how to free dive in a safe and relaxed manner. Please check 'Freediving Thailand' on Facebook for more info.
  • Davy Jones Locker, (Pattaya Beach), +66 890 465371 (djlkohlipediving@gmail.com) Experienced instructors teaching all PADI courses from beginner to dive master level. Daily trips for certified divers to all the best dive sites around Koh Lipe. Free accommodation for divers and students available when you book online.
  • Forra Diving, (Sunrise Beach), +66 89 6731121 or +66 84 4075691 (forratravel_diving@hotmail.com) Multilingual, experienced instructors. Offers night diving, PADI courses, and liveaboard diving trips. Snorkellers are welcome to tag along on day trips for only 500 baht (including lunch & equipment). Consistently gets great reviews from divers. 2,500 baht for 2 dives.
  • Koh Lipe Diving, (Walking Street), +66 88 3977749 or +66 87 6226204 (contact@kolipediving.com). Highly rated and reputable dive center providing top-notch customer service. Offers daily dive trips for certified divers, PADI courses from Open Water to Divemaster, introductory dives for complete beginners. Snorkelers welcome to join dive trips. Private diving/snorkeling/island exploration trips can be arranged. Underwater cameras for rent. Spacious, comfortable 25m dive boat. Professional instructors with years of experience working on the island. Multilingual team speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Malay, Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin).
  • Ocean Pro Divers, (Pattaya Beach). Canadian owner.The first authorized Padi TecRec Dive Center at Koh Lipe 20 m boat, the M.V. Chalalai. Rates include all equipment and a buffet lunch. Snorkellers are welcome to tag along for 500 baht. 2,600 baht for 2 dives, 3,200 baht for three dives.
  • Sabye Diving, (locations on Sunset Beach), +66 74 728026. Diving rates aren't the cheapest. All-inclusive two or three day packages. Specialties are PADI courses and underwater photography. PADI open-dive courses: 12,900 baht.
  • Satun Dive, (Sunrise Beach Blvd), +66 86 9461271. Open all year. Excellent diving and snorkelling guides. All PADI courses available. The best service, price, and atmosphere on the island. Cheap.


Buddhist Temple: centre of the island. Very small.

Other Activities

  • Day Trips to Nearby Islands Pirate Falls and Chado Cliff on Ko Adang, and the dense jungle on Ko Rawi are recommended visits. 800 to 1,000 baht.
  • Kayaking Rent a kayak from various spots on the beach and spend the day or two seeing the island and reef.
  • Massages There are plenty of places to get a massage, including an offshoot of the Wat Po massage school, located in the centre of the island. Also Castaway Resort has a lovely little spa with sea views.
  • Snorkelling The calm, clear water makes the Koh Lipe area ideal for snorkelling, with 25% of the world's tropical fish species found in the area. There are large varieties of fish around the coral just 20 m off all of the beaches. Koh Lipe is surrounded by over 30 islands and hundreds of reefs all within easy reach of the island. Tarutao National Park is one of Asia’s oldest marine parks thus the reefs and the islands surrounding Koh Lipe are in very good condition. nowhere else on the Southeast Asian peninsula will you find so many excellent snorkel sites so easily reached. The best offshore snorkelling can be done from sunrise beach. There is a coral reef between two small islands located on both ends of the beach. They start at 2m depth and go to around 12m. Current can be pretty strong between the tides.
  • Freediving, Sunrise Beach (Castaway Divers) Freediving as a recognized activity has only been around for 100 years, but people have been practising diving deep without equipment for thousands of years. On Lipe only one dive operator on the island offers it as a AIDA certification courses available only at Castaway Divers on Sunrise beach, see above (Diveshops). Find 'Freediving Thailand' on Facebook for more info. Learn breathing and relaxation techniques, finning techniques, static and dynamic apnea and learn to dive in a safe and relaxed manner. The freediving instructor is available only at high season.
  • Sailing, +66 77457002 (info@adventure-cruises.net) Sailing around Koh Lipe and within the Butang Group is certainly the most chilled way to explore these natural gems. There are day sailing trips with snorkelling activities or liveaboard sailing cruises within the Butang Group or as far as Ko Tarutao National Marine Park. 1,500 to 6,000 baht.
  • Ocean Hiker Sailing School, +66 77457002 (info@ocean-hiker.com). Diving rates aren't the cheapest. All-inclusive two or three day packages. Specialties are PADI courses and underwater photography. PADI open-dive courses: 12,900 baht.
  • Trash Hero Koh Adang, Pattaya Beach, (trashhero@worldaround.ch). Come to Join in every Monday to help locals and tourists alike keep the Adang archipelago free from ocean trash! The Trash Hero team have charged themselves to be the guardians of this wonderful area. Every Monday at 10:00am the Team meets under the walking street sign on Pattaya beach to go to various beaches around the archipelago and collect every last plastic bottle, old flip flop, degraded styrofoam float, chip packet, shampoo bottle, etc. Until the beach is reverting back to it's original state. Trash Hero is a non profit organization supported by various local businesses on Koh Lipe, who help by providing boats, trash bags, food and drinks each week for the team each week. for free.

Withdraw Money

There are currently 3 ATMs on the island. One is located at 7-Eleven on Walking Street. Another is across from Pooh's Restaurant at the Sunrise end of Walking Street, and the third is in front of Harmony Bed & Breakfast.
Many travel agencies or hotels will offer to charge your debit/credit card and give you the cash in exchange for a 5-8% fee.
For currency exchange, Bundhaya Resort offers the best exchange rates for Dollars, Euros, Pounds or Ringgit, however the rate is lower than what you would expect in a major city.


Ice can be bought from Ricci house. They have big ice machines. Ice is made from drinkable water and costs around 10 baht/kg. To get to Ricci house, go to the end (inland) of the walking street and then turn left. It is the second building to the left (after the "big" shop)...

Most of the hotels serve food and drinks. In addition, there are several stand-alone restaurants:

  • Banana Leaf, (inland) Serves average food, but drink prices are good and they play movies every night on a big projection screen.
  • Capriccio It is the only fine dining restaurant in koh Lipe with Italian chef, they serve Australian and local meat, local fish everyday fresh, good service, good price, best restaurant in Lipe 2015 for Trip Advisor.
  • ELEPHANT American Coffee House On Walking Street, near Pattaya beach across from the Pink Market (UPDATE Oct. 2014: Previously ELEPHANT was two separate establishments: Elephant Books & Coffee and Longtail Bar. The owners then combined the two into one restaurant-bar-coffee house at the Longtail Bar location, just across the street from where Elephant Books & Coffee used to be). An East-meets-West American-style coffee house (owners are from San Francisco and Thailand), with expertly crafted coffee drinks, homemade bakery, well-prepared breakfasts, including homemade toasted muesli and lots of crispy bacon. Other menu items include proper American burgers (imported beef), sandwiches, a large selection of fresh salads, fresh baked bread, and even a to-die-for 16-hour smoked pulled pork sandwich! Dinner options include imported Australian strip loin steaks cooked to temperature, pan seared salmon, and pork chops with sauteed apples. There is a full bar built into an actual 10-meter longtail boat, which offers a hand-picked selection of Thai and imported wines, a cocktail list that features very affordable cocktails made with artisan Thai spirits, as well as high-end imported liquor. Every night starting at about 9:30pm, the now infamous Banana Band serves up Thai and English music in a relaxed setting. The Band's motto is "if you're in the bar, you're in the band" - meaning everyone can join the fun!! KITCHEN OPEN UNTIL 12:30AM
  • Flour Power Bakery, (Sunset Beach, next to Sabye Divers) There is absolutely brilliant banana cake in small aluminium box shapes. The seats are somewhat hidden behind the house. Western breakfasts and sandwiches are served with their hearty whole-grain bread. cinnamon buns: 60 baht, brownies: 40 baht; pies: 80 baht.
  • Jack's Jungle, inland between Sunset and Sunrise beaches (inland) A really lovely spot when you want to get off the beach and eat surrounded by nice cool, green jungle. The Thai food is fantastic (especially the coconut soups) and you can order to mild to Thai-style spicy. The banana-lime pancakes are especially great.
  • Pancake Lady, (island centre) The best pancakes in Thailand. Choose from fillings like coconut, banana, and chocolate. Delicious smoothies sold in plastic cups.
  • PeePee Bakery, inland on Walking Street, 10 m east of Pattaya Beach (Inland) A popular breakfast spot that has a good bakery adjoining that serves bagels and cinnamon rolls. The service can be rude and unhelpful, but still worth it.
  • Sunrise Restaurant, (Sunrise Beach) Friendly place, directly on the beach, very good Thai food, inexpensive.

The big fear continues to be whether or not Lipe will become another Phi-Phi : a victim of its own beauty. Those fears were stoked back in 2009 when a bass-heavy nightclub arrived on Hat Pattaya. Although the club was shut down, development hasn't stopped.
Walking St arrived in 2010 and, in between the glorious beaches, there’s an ever-expanding concrete maze of cafes, travel agencies, shops and salons. Even 7-Eleven has landed.
Most of the hotels serve food and drinks. Those that have water served from large jugs will refill used water bottles for customers if asked politely. In addition, there are several stand-alone bars:

  • Home Bar, (In the heart of Lipe).
    Mr. Nor the owner is a real Rasta and super friendly. The beer and soda taste better than everywhere else I've been in Thailand before. The place have an incredible cosmic atmosphere and you can easy spend hours there looking at all dicks made out of wood. If you ask Mr. Nor to see his nunchucks collection he will proudly show it for you. Definitely 5 of 5 nunchucks. Cheap.
  • ELEPHANT (formerly Longtail Bar)
    On Walking Street, near Pattaya beach across from the Pink Market (UPDATE Oct. 2014: Previously ELEPHANT was two separate establishments: Elephant Books & Coffee and Longtail Bar. The owners then combined the two into one restaurant-bar-coffee house at the Longtail Bar location, just across the street from where Elephant Books & Coffee used to be). American coffee house-style restaurant with a full bar built into an actual 10-meter longtail boat, which offers a hand-picked selection of Thai and imported wines, a cocktail list that features very affordable cocktails made with artisan Thai spirits, as well as high-end imported liquor. Every night starting at about 9:30pm, the now infamous Banana Band serves up Thai and English music in a relaxed setting. The Band's motto is "if you're in the bar, you're in the band" - meaning everyone can join the fun!! KITCHEN OPEN UNTIL 12:30AM.
  • Barracuda Bar, (Sunrise street)
    Historic bar, from 2003 on the island,originally on pattaya beach (Lipe) where give the name of the place (local expat call that corner of the beach "barracuda") from 2015 relocated on the sunrise street in a nice oasis created by a huge bamboo tree, where u can chill your evening or the best place to warm up for the night "movida" . Offer the coolest beer in the island at the best price,good selection of cocktails (mix with local alcohol 80B)easy to reach from walking street at cross road turn right and follow for 200m. Barracuda moreover offer you a plenty of information can organize boat trip, fishing trip, possibility to rent snorkeling equipment, bicycle and taxi. Open almost all year Beer from 50 baht and cocktail from 80 baht.
  • Bila Beach Cafe, (Bila Beach)
    This is the only bar/restaurant on the little, but sweet, Bila Beach. Worth a visit and a great place to hang out with a group of friends for the day.
  • Cocktail Bar, Walking St (on the only turn on Walking St)
    This is the bar: rough and alive, open and racy. They have a long list of cocktails, all fresh, very tasty and cheap (all for 100 baht). That is the place to be if you want to improvise your night.
  • Cozy Cove, north end of Sunset Beach
    Great views and good tunes.
  • Jack's Jungle Bar
    Otherwise known as JJ's, is inland and is a must-visit due to Jack's friendly personality. Jack also organises parties every Saturday in the high season, some with live music. Beer costs 60-70 baht and food costs 70-150 baht.
  • Mom's Tattoo Bar, Walking St, near Pattaya Beach, (tattoobarlipe@gmail.com)
    An intimate bar, where anyone can be a "regular" on their first visit. Tasty drinks mix well with good conversation and crazy-good music. Best place to lose an hour or five while making new friends or just hanging out with the bar's namesake owner, "Mom" (who is also a legendary tattoo artist). 60-180 baht.
  • Oh My God!, (50 m from the intersection, at the end of Walking St (near Sunrise Beach) toward Chao Lay Village)
    A locals favourite. Oh My God! (used to be called Oh's Pooh Bar) moved to a new location 50 m from the intersection, at the end of Walking St(near Sunrise Beach) and is home to the best burger on the island. There are pool tables and TVs (for watching big sports events), and there are usually a few local divers hanging out there. They also serve some delicious food and bar snacks. Open late. Also sells Swedish snus.
  • Peace & Love, Pattaya Beach (facing the ocean at the entrance of Walking St, go left past Time to Chill, Tiger Bar/Massage)
    If you're still drinking, they're still open. A Lipe institution, offering a great beach vibe, well-made drinks, and nightly fire shows (best on the island!). Hang out and talk to the bar's Muslim owners Chai and Yaad and learn about the island and the history of the South Andaman, or just take in the amazing beach views from your beach mat. Three bamboo bungalows available for rent behind the bar. 20-120 baht.
  • Reggae Bar, (Pattaya Beach). Mellow scene
    On February 6 celebrates Bob Marley's birthday with a 3-day music and culture festival.

There are over 60 guesthouses on the island. While some places may charge as little as 500 baht for very basic accommodation in the high season, these guesthouses sell out quickly. Most places will charge 1,000 baht+. Some hotels will have a sign advertising cheaper rates, but when you go inside to inquire, those rooms will inevitably be unavailable.One of the best hotel of Koh Lipe is Oasis Lipe Resort. You can book online here :

  • Oasis Lipe Resort (oasis-lipe@hotmail.com). This property is 2 minutes walk from the beach. Offering a bar and a la carte restaurant with European and Thai cuisine, Oasis Lipe Resort is located 200 m form Sunrise Beach and the city centre. Free Wi-Fi access is available in this resort. The accommodation will provide guests with a flat-screen TV, private balcony and air conditioning.The private bathroom comes with a hot shower and free toiletries. Oasis Lipe Resort offers a free shuttle service, a garden and a terrace. Other facilities offered at the property include a ticket service, a tour desk and a children's playground. An array of activities can be enjoyed around the resort including snorkelling, boat trips, fishing and diving.
    Book Online Now!


Stonefish have been spotted and photographed in the waters of Koh Lipe. While the chances of getting stung are slim, you may want to consider protective footwear when swimming in the water.

Medical Care

There is a hospital located next to the school on Sunrise Beach, with an English-speaking doctor. There is a small clinic next to Pooh Restaurant, with an English-speaking doctor.
Free Wi-Fi is available at almost all resorts and bars/restaurants.